Our Story

Two Brothers and One Passion

Throughout our lives we have always had a passion for cooking Italian food. The idea of being able to give people a real taste of Italy through authentic Italian Cuisine excited us more than anything else. One day in 1985, we had an idea that seemed crazy to everyone we knew. We decided that we were going listen to our hearts and turn our passion into a career. We were going to open an Italian Restaurant of our own.

At the time, we were living in New York City, home to some of best Italian restaurants in the world. Opportunity was all around. We went out hungry to learn and to make our dream a reality. Not too long after we began our journey our efforts was rewarded. We both received kitchen positions beside some the best Italian Chefs in the game and for 22 years we put our heads down. We focused on perfecting our craft, learning the ins and outs of the restaurant industry, and becoming the best chefs in every way possible. But through all that time we never forgot about the vision that we had created together. 

One beautiful day in the summer of 2007 we looked each other in the eye and said, "Now is the time." So we packed up to get out of New York City and moved to NC with our family, determined to open our very own Italian Restaurant. In 2010, after 3 years of planning, , and sacrificing, the doors to Bellini Fine Italian Cuisine officially opened for business. Ever since then we have been serving to our customers the best Italian food in NC!


Everything that is made at Bellini is from scratch and specifically cooked to the order instructions of each customer. We only cook with the highest quality organic ingredients we can get our hands on. Our mission is to make sure our customers enjoy every single bite and that they feel as welcome as they would in their own home. We consider everyone of our customers part of our family and hope that they feel the same way. 

Owner's & Executive Chef's

Abel Atauchi

Adan Atauchi